Trichome Video

Here is a microscopic view of beautiful trichomes all over this bud. This particular strain is Heavy Duty Fruity, found in Michigan. You can see the mushroom shape they have and the color of watered down iced tea. Those are all signs that make a great strain of cannabis. This was taken with a veho microscope.

What are trichomes?

“In nature, only the strong survive, and it is hypothesized by biologists that trichomes evolved as a defense mechanism of the cannabis plant against a range of potential enemies (1). Trichomes, from the Greek meaning ‘growth of hair,’ act as an evolutionary shield, protecting the plant and its seeds from the dangers of its environment, allowing it to reproduce. These adhesive sprouts form a protective layer against offensive insects, preventing them from reaching the surface of the plant. The chemicals in the trichomes make cannabis less palatable to hungry animals and can inhibit the growth of some types of fungus. The resin also helps to insulate the plant from high wind and low humidity, and acts as a natural ‘sun-screen’ in protecting against UV-B light rays. But since trichomes contain euphoric properties attractive to humans, it may be man who has had the most influence on the plants’ development through many years of favoring strains that consistently produce more of these gooey resin heads. ”

Funny Video

Soft Kitty Big bang theory video, winner

Medical Marijuana Growing Classes in Michigan

The Third Coast Seed Co. in Ypsilanti is offering classes every Saturday for every medical marijuana need.

Classes include:

Soil Growing
Growing in soil is a forgiving, tried and true method. Good things come to
those who wait, as the saying goes you will learn how to maximize the growth
potential and achieve maximum yields.

Building Your Own Aeroponics / NFT System
This class teaches you how to build an aeroponics or NFT (Nutrient Film
Technique) system piece by piece and customize it to fit your needs. You
will learn how to build systems comparable to major brands at less than half
the price!

Hydroponic Gardening
There are many different methods to growing plants with hydroponics.
Hydroponic Gardening teaches the most popular hydro systems, how they
differ, and which may be right for you. You will learn the mistakes beginner
hydro growers make so you can feel confident getting started.

This is a great class for both patients and caregivers. To be sure that the
strain grown will be right for a patient’s particular needs, you should know
about the genetics of the strain. Each strain of cannabis produces a
different pain-relieving effect.

Grow Room and Environment Setup
To ensure their medicine is safe, your grow room must be safe as well.
Before a plant enters your growing space, the environment needs to be clean,
sanitary and correct. You will learn materials needed, carpentry,
monitoring, and safety tips.

Business Class
The medical marijuana community is making people into entrepreneurs and
improving our economy. The best way to be apart of the growing community is
to have a business plan. The Business Class teaches procedures to best
protect caregiver’s work and investments.

Our goal for classes is to provide at the best of our ability, current and
proper information for methods concerning medical marijuana, also known as
marihuana or cannabis. We keep class sizes under 25 seats to ensure each
individual is given proper education, that questions are answered, and to
provide a confortable learning environment. We applaud the Medical Marihuana
Act that passed in state of Michigan, and hope to encourage those that are
seeking knowledge for a better understanding of the plant, its medicinal
application both past and present, the future of medical marijuana and its
industry, and the most effective methods of use and growth for medicinal
purposes. We hope that education will equip those that are motivated to
serve in this community with current up to date knowledge and to excel in
creating the building blocks for the future uses and qualities of this
interesting natural healing herb. We hope to feed our students with
inspiration that will fulfill their apatite in the seek of knowledge that
they desire.

Reserving your seat online is easy!
Just pick out the class or classes you wish to attend.
No money is collected online. Reserving your seat online simply ensures your
placement in that particular class and date.

Go to to reserve your seat now.

If you don’t live in Michigan, there may be classes in your area that are similar.

A very funny “how to smoke a proper bowl” video

Marijuana Culture We found this randomly while researching medical marijuana related videos. It is very funny and thought we’d share this with you. Enjoy.

NORML – Cartoon Song by Nice Peter

This was a video Nice Peter posted for a NORML campaign. The lyrics are a wonderful message. There were 765,000 marijuana arrests in 2007. That’s not for dealers and kingpins, no thats just for simple possession. Multiply that by the average cost of each…