Indoor Hydroponic Inline Exhaust Fan – How-To

Hi I’m Darren here at the Grow Show. I’ll be speaking today on inline fans and how to choose one to best suit your growing environment. There are many key factors you want to think about when choosing an inline fan. The first will be your fan diameter. Your fan diameter will determine the effectiveness and speed at which your air moves in your room . Most of the fans will be either 6 or 8 inches. When thinking about which fan will suit your needs, you want to think about the volume of your room. To get the volume of the room you multiply the width times length times height and you will find the cubic feet. Then you want to match that to the fan you are going to use in your environment. When choosing a fan you want to consider the volume of the room you are occupying and the efficiency of the fan. Its important to get as close to a 1 to 1 ratio as possible. Another thing to consider is the number of lights you are running in your room and how much heat they are putting off. If you are running multiple 1000 watt lights and multiple hoods, you’re going to want to run a fan with a higher volume rate to keep your room and bulbs cooler so your lights can sit closer to your plan canopy line. We have three main brands of fans. We have our popular Active Air line that come in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch occupancies. The larger the fan the more air you will move. You may think “I have a 6″ reflector, can I run an 8 inch fan? ” Yes, you can. You can use a duct reducer and connect it to your 6 inch hood. The reduction will reduce your flow rating, but it will still be greater than if you just used a 6 inch fan. The great thing about an Active Air Fan is it comes with a 5 year in-store warranty. If anything was to happen to your fan, you can bring it to the Grow Show and we will make sure its working and get you back to your garden. We also have Vortex fans. Our Vortex fans have a higher flow rating and come with a 10 year in-store warranty. We also have Ostberg fans, but they only come in 6 inch flange size. The last thing you want to consider when choosing a fan is if you are running a carbon filter in your room. If you are, you want to be sure you are optimizing the flow rating. If your filter has a higher flow rating than your fan, you’re going to want to upgrade your fan because you are just limiting the effectiveness of your filter. For example, if you’re using a filter with a 600 cfm flow capacity, but only using a 6 inch fan with a 400 flow rating, You’re not optimizing the effectiveness of the flow rating of your filter. That concludes our introduction to in-line . If you have more questions please visit us at the Grow Show in Ann Arbor on Stone School Road or visit our website at