Soil Explained

Of course we carry soil at the grow show. Soil is one of the fundamentals of growing. What we carry at the Grow Show is a wide variety of soil, soilless mixes, and cocos depending on what the needs are. We have everything from fertilized and unfertilized. Starting with the most popular brands on the market like Happy Frog and Ocean Forest by Fox Farm. Moving along you have your Sunshine mix number 4 which is Canada’s number one special mix, Pro Mix Premier BX with mycorise and the Pro Mix Premier BX with biofungicide. We also carry Light Mix and BCuzz which are coco based. Atomic Pro Mix Bx which is our hydro medium. We carry Metro Mix 300 Series which is another coco. We have other cocos like Croutons, Hydroton to mix in with your hydro system. We get into other products like Original Planting Mix, Light Warrior and organic products like Roots Organic, Amazon Bloom, Roots Organic by coco, which is the difference between soil and soilless mixes which are predominately sphagnum. We even have local products that are previewed only here at the Grow Show, Organic Magic, which is Michigan local soil and 20% off at the Grow Show. This is composed horse manure that is three years old, sphagnum peat moss and perlite. Soil with food, my recommendation would be Fox Farm Ocean Forest.